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HORSE RACINGTotalizer betting and fixed odds

Horse racing betting

E-Play24 offers Tote and fixed-odds horse racing betting  on meetings found in the daily schedules. It is possible to bet at the official race times established by UNIRE on the competitions scheduled for the main national and international racecourses. Gamer users will be able to take advantage of a dedicated section characterized by:

  • Complete horse racing database
  • Replay of the races
  • Full betting schedule
  • Race alert system
  • Bet report
  • Verification of quotas in real-time
  • Betting formulas updated
  • Ability to collect remote information
Types of bets
  • Winner/Place
  • 1-2/Place
  • Trio/Tricast
  • Four/Forecast from four
Tote bets on horse racing

The Tote is the most played form of betting on horse racing. The amounts bet on a given type of bet form the collection by type, i.e. the total amount collected on a specific bet, which is then divided among all the holders of winning bets of that type.  Tote betting based horse racing is played on a “dedicated”/ basic horse racing network and on an “extended”/ national horse racing network. In the horse racing competitions of trot and gallop, TRIS RACES are also offered and, for them, bets are not only available online, but also at horse racing agencies, racecourses, shops, and local betting shops (Enlarged Network).

We are ready to help you

The affiliation office is available every day from 9:00 to 18:00, reachable by phone or by sending the online form completed in all its parts.

“Thanks to the partnership with IsibetPro, E-Play24 offers an innovative and complete system for fixed odds and totalizator national horse racing betting. Trotting and galloping races from racetracks all over Italy.”

S. Pezzini
sport manager,

Trot and gallop

The great Italian trotting races represent a classic form of horse racing offer.The most important Italian races are available for fixed odds bets, Tote bets, and for the enjoyment of all horse racing lovers: from the Milan Grand Prix of Nations to the Italian Derby in Rome to the Naples-Agnano Lotteria race. GALOP- It is possible to bet on gallop races in real-time from the major Italian racecourses, and to follow every step of the preparation and the race, from the gate to the finish line. Pisa, Milan, Rome, Naples, Florence, all the horse racing and the beauty of the Italian gallops.

Partner horse racing

ISIBET Pro srl operates as a service provider and FSC.
It is a leading Connectivity Supplier in the horse racing sector, which includes almost all of the Italian racecourses operating throughout the territory: from Merano to Taranto and the islands included. Through the service offered by Isibet Pro it is possible to access the services of the horse database and the images of the races of the schedules published by UNIRE.

New National Tricast

The New National Tricast consists of identifying the first three horses in the exact order of finish 
 in the "Tricast" race on which you bet. The bet amount unit is € 0.50.
 The minimum bet on a single card is 2 units (€ 1.00).
Bets placed on horses from the same stable of the horse finishing first also win.

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