Audit and compliance

Italian gaming license

The Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM), formerly known as Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies or AAMS, as it is still frequently called, is an independent tax agency, established at the Ministry of Economy and Finance and that also serves as a regulator and manager of the public gaming system in Italy. E-Play24 ITA Ltd. owns a regular license, issued by ADM, which enables it to remotely offer its portfolio of gaming products and services to Italian users. The status of the title assigned to E-Play24 IT, i.e. the GAD concession no. 15232, can be checked at any time in the dedicated section on the ADM institutional website, at the address

E-Play24 ITA ltd GAD n.15232


Recognition by the Maltese regulator

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the independent body that regulates the gaming sector in the archipelago of Malta, where E-Play24 ITA is established. The MGA recognizes compliance with the local regulatory framework, the Gaming Act, of the high standards ascribable to Italian concessionaires and, in particular, has recognized the GAD concession of E-Play24 ITA Ltd. as an appropriate title for the offer of gaming products and services within the terms of this legislation, by issuing the Recognition Notice RN / 173/2020, whose status can be verified at any time in the dedicated section of the MGA institutional website, at

E-Play24 ITA ltd (C52511) RN/173/2020

Anti Money Laundering

In compliance with the current regulatory framework, with the recommendations of the Regulatory Bodies and the practices in use in the internal market, E-Play24 has approved and implemented a control system. Based on a prior self-assessment of the Organization and its business model, this is carried out also in the light of the feedback obtained by a similar business operating at the national and supranational level, allows the adoption of an approach based on the risk of money laundering and terrorism financing to which the company is exposed and adeguate management and mitigation scenarios that can be associated with this. Specifically, the System has an internal Regulation that identifies the internal Anti-Money Laundering Function, defines its responsibilities, and collects the procedures adopted by E-Play24 for the timely fulfillment of its obligations in this regard.

Appropriate Customer Assessment:
Customer verification is carried out with an approach called Know Your Customer (KYC) through which E-Play24 identifies its customers and collaborators and verifies the information obtained according to well-established criteria, before establishing a continuous professional relationship.

Transaction monitoring:
E-Play24 also constantly monitors the flow of transactions through the support of the regularly licensed intermediaries, which it uses. All payments sent by customers are subjected to a series of checks culminating in the final 3D authorization system by the customer. Similar precautions are immediately adopted in payments made to the customer.

Suspicious transaction reporting:
Another obligation that E-Play24 fulfills is the traceability of every financial transaction and it reports any suspicious transactions to the Financial Information Unit (UIF) set up at the Bank of Italy. It actively cooperates with the various institutions in order to prevent and combat criminal infiltration in the sector and protect the organization from financial offenses.

Data retention:
E-Play24 safely stores the information regarding the identification data provided by the customer when opening the game account, the data of each top-up, collection operation and the payment methods used and IP address, and the date and time of the remote connections during which the operations took place. It is also able to quickly satisfy any request in this regard from the competent authorities.

The use of a regularly certified gaming platform, together with an automated internal system, allows regular compliance with all the regulations in force in terms of AML, communicating and reporting, and having adequate data retention.
The ease and speed of information analysis and control operations allows proper management of the operational processes.

Game Compliance

E-PLAY24 regularly fulfills the required certifications of the gaming platform and new titles and functions of the same, through accredited control bodies (EVA). The control bodies chosen for the mentioned certifications, who are regularly involved, and certified by ADM are: Quinel and GIL, which follow the guidelines of the State Monopolies to which the message summary of each verified file/module/function is transmitted, including the correct game functions. This precaution is taken to guarantee the complete protection of the end-user, who is offered a service that complies with current regulations.

Game platform compliance:
The gaming platform for the management of online games that E-Play24 uses is XBET, developed by Exalogic and regularly approved to operate in the Italian territory by certification bodies qualified by ADM such as: QUINEL, GLI, NMI. The platform also manages the gaming account system thanks to the Account scheme, which allows the customer to manage his deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, promotions, and anti-money laundering functions.

Annual compliance audit:
In compliance with the revisions required by the state monopolies, E-Play24 annually carries out a regular complete check of all the active functions on its gaming platform, always making use of accredited certification bodies, allowing them to verify the validity of what is declared and provided.

New providers certification:
The inclusion of new casino titles, sporting events and every single new function within the E-Play24 gaming platform is adequately tested, certified and approved by the certification bodies, which the company regularly uses. The game providers selected and integrated into the specific game sections must necessarily possess the certificates of conformity for Italy.

Certification of commercial channels:
The marketing channels of E-Play24, despite having a specific commercial name that differs from the name of the concessionaire, are regularly certified and communicated to the state monopolies. These have the same levels of security as the main site, being under the direct management and control of the gaming license holder.

The use of a regularly certified gaming platform, along with an automated internal system, allows regular compliance with all applicable regulations in terms of AML, GDPR and fully protect users who register on one of the gaming sites belonging to the GAD 15232 license. The ease and speed of information analysis and control operations allow adequate management of the operational processes.

GDPR and Data Protection

E-Play24 recognizes the fundamental importance of the privacy of its customers, collaborators and business partners, therefore, it purposely commits to ensuring that, at all times, the information and personal data in its possession are supported by adequate security measures aimed at minimizing possible violations and to mitigate possible risks. E-Play24 adopts a rigorous personal data governance system inspired by the needs of safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, the cornerstones of which are represented by a cutting-edge technical gaming account management system and by the constant control and management of data flows from every single commercial and distribution channel of its Network.

Privacy by Design:
The entire production cycle of E-Play24, from the concept of the product to its launch to the end-user, is characterized by particular attention, already included in the planning stage, for the confidentiality and protection of data and personal information. Pre-launch quality controls ensure that customer privacy is always at the center of the gaming experience.

Risk analysis and impact assessment:
In ensuring that the operations always serve the needs of the customer and their personal data, E-Play24 evaluates the most appropriate level of security through the analysis of the risks deriving from the types of treatment it intends to implement and the subsequent possible impact of these on the rights and freedoms of users/customers. The assessment adopts methodologies that comply with strict standards, taking the guidelines published from time to time by the competent Supervisory Authorities into consideration.

Organizational technical measures:
E-Play24 adopts technical and organizational measures in compliance with the highest industry standards, thanks to the latest-generation technologies, and competent and constantly trained staff. The E-Play24 control system entails a recurring review of internal regulations and procedures along with actual conformity audits carried out by independent auditors.

Data Protection Officer:
In line with the reference regulatory framework and with the recommendations of the Supervisory Authorities, E-Play24 has appointed a Data Protection Officer who, among other things, ensures a constant communication channel with customers and interested parties in order to ensure the timely exercise of users’ rights, to provide information and clarifications, to receive suggestions or possible complaints, and to handle relationships with the Supervisory Authorities.

The use of a regularly certified gaming platform, along with an automated internal system, allows regular compliance with all the regulations in force in terms of the GDPR. The organizational models and the technology used allow adequate management and protection of the data of individuals and third parties.

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